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Earlier Driving Test Dates at Colwick

Are you ready for your short notice driving test Colwick? Do you have an international driving licence? Have you recently failed a driving test?

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick

We special in getting Earlier driving tests in Nottingham for learner drivers. If you have recently failed a test why wait months for another one. We guarantee you a Short Notice Driving Test Nottingham Colwick within days. WE check with the DVSA every minute from 6am to 11.30pm seven days per week.

Nottingham Practical Driving Test Centre Address
Private Road No 5
Colwick Industrial Estate

Test Centre Details:  Ramp access to test centre for wheelchair users. Male, female and disabled toilets available. Parking spaces available.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi, Motorcycle Module 1, Motorcycle Module 2

You must do several things before you drive a car or ride a motorcycle. These include getting a driving licence, registering your vehicle and making sure it’s insured, paying vehicle tax and getting an MOT.

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick – Before you drive or ride

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick Nottingham

Before you start driving at Colwick make sure you are legal. Insurance, road tax, tyres etc

You must:

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick – Learner drivers

You must:

  • be supervised by a qualified driver (except if riding a motorcycle)
  • display L plates (L plates or D plates in Wales)

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick – Vehicle requirements

The vehicle must:

You must also have a minimum of third party insurance that covers your use of the vehicle.

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick – Changes to personal or vehicle details

Change Driving Licence Details Colwick Nottingham

You must inform DVLA of changes to your driving licence. However if you have a cancellation driving test at Colwick inform DVLA after your driving test.


You must tell DVLA if you:

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick – Driving larger vehicles or buses

There are higher medical and eyesight standards for driving larger vehicles.

You must tell DVLA if you have any driving convictions.

If you’re applying for a passenger-carrying vehicle (PCV) licence then you must also tell DVLA if you have any other convictions.

Short Notice Driving Test Colwick – Showing your driving documents

If a police officer asks you to, you must be able to show:

  • your driving licence
  • a valid insurance certificate
  • a valid MOT certificate (if your vehicle needs one)

If you don’t have the documents with you at the time, you may be asked to take them to a police station within 7 days.

Cancellation Driving Tests Colwick Nottingham

Colwick Driving Test Centre