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Short Notice Driving Test Coventry

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Coventry Test centre address
42 Bayton Road
Bayton Road Industrial Estate
West Midlands

Test centre details
Driving test candidates are asked not to enter the car park more than 7 minutes before the appointment time for Coventry driving test centre.
Male, female and disabled toilets available in the building.

This centre provides tests for Cars and Taxis

Situated on the outskirts of Coventry the  Driving Test Centre will incorporate different road  systems such as large muli-lane roundabouts and  various  junctions, cross roads and even one way roads. The testing examiner will require you to have a safe and good understanding of the highway-code. High speed ‘A’ roads to include the A444 and country lanes are likely to feature on the driving test from this location. Rural roads are often difficult.

st Worthing?

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Worthing Practical Driving Test Centre Address
Westmorland House
Strand Parade
Goring by Sea
West Sussex
BN12 6EA

Test Centre Details:  Test candidate toilets available. Car parking facilities available, though spaces are limited.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi


If you have a disability, health condition or learning difficulty

When you book your driving test you should say if you have a:

  • disability
  • health condition
  • learning difficulty

You’ll still have to drive to the same standard to pass, but the examiner can make adjustments for your situation.

Short Notice Driving Test Coventry – You have a disability

Disability Driving Test Coventry West Midlands

You might be allowed more time for your driving test at Coventry if you have certain disabilities.

You might be allowed more time for your test if you have certain disabilities. It will give the examiner time to talk to you about:

  • your disability
  • any adaptations fitted to your car

Short Notice Driving Test Coventry – You’re deaf or have a hearing impairment

The examiner will use written notes at the start of the test to explain what will happen. If you lip read, they’ll also look at you so you can lip read what they’re saying.

The examiner will usually give directions to you as hand signals. These will be explained to you before your test starts.

Short Notice Driving Test Coventry – Using a sign language interpreter

You can take a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter with you. They must be at least 16 years old.

Your driving instructor can be your interpreter.

You need to arrange your own interpreter and pay any fees that they charge. You can claim the cost back after your test.

Short Notice Driving Test Coventry – You’re pregnant

Coventry West Midlands Driving Test pregnancy

You can take a driving test at Coventry of your pregnancy. However, you must be able and willing to do an emergency stop.

Short Notice Driving Test Coventry – You have reading difficulties

When you do the eyesight check at the start of the driving test, you can write down the number plate instead of reading it out loud.

Short Notice Driving Test Coventry – You have learning difficulties

The examiner will make adjustments for the independent driving part of the test if you have learning difficulties.

They might ask if you’d prefer to follow traffic signs instead of verbal directions.

You might be able to choose to follow a set of directions using a diagram. You’ll normally be asked to follow up to 3 directions at a time, but the examiner can reduce this to 2 at a time.

Coventry West Midlands Driving Test Routes

Book Driving Test Coventry  – Driving Test Routes

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes for each test centre to prevent test candidates from practising the routes that the examiners take you on. The driving test routes for Coventry may have changed in the mean-time. However it is likely they are very similar if not identical.

Test Centre Name Coventry Driving Test Centre
Route Number 1
Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC Left
Bayton Rd T/L left
Longford Rd Roundabout left
Bedworth Rd / Longford Rd Left
Windmill Rd Right
Cubbington Rd / Berkswell Rd Right
Pauline Avenue EOR right
Hall Green Rd T/L right
Bell Green Rd T/L right
Proffitt Avenue Left
Elkington St EOR left
Proffitt Avenue Left
Gayer St EOR left
Old Church Rd Roundabout left 1 st exit
Foleshill Rd Roundabout right 3 rd exit
A444 Roundabout ahead 2 nd exit
A444 Roundabout ahead 2 nd exit
A444 Roundabout ahead 2 nd exit
A444 1 st exit left (towards Bedworth)
Slip Rd T/L left
Heath Rd Ahead double mini roundabout
Bowling Green Lane Left
School Lane T/L ahead
Bayton Rd Right


Driving Test Route Number 2 Coventry Driving Test Centre
Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC. Left.
Bayton Rd. T/L right.
Coventry Rd / Blackbank / Coventry
T/L left.
Park Rd. Mini roundabout right..
Mill St / George St Ringway. EOR right
Leicester St / Mill St 2 nd mini roundabout ahead.
Newtown Rd. T/L right
Newdigate Rd. Right..
Margaret Avenue. EOR right.
Newdegate Rd. EOR right.
Sutherland Drive. Left.
Reynolds Rd / Joseph Luckman Rd. Left..
Wood St / Hill St EOR left.
Nuneaton Rd. Roundabout left..
A444. Roundabout ahead 1 st exit
A444. Roundabout ahead 2 nd exit.
B4113. Roundabout right.
Wilsons Lane. Left.
Woodshires Rd. Becomes.
Oban Rd. T/L left.
Bedworth Rd. Roundabout right.
Longford Rd.. T/L ahead, T/L right..
Bayton Rd. Right.
Cancellation Driving Tests Coventry West Midlands

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