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Short Notice Driving Test Paisley Renfrewshire

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Book Driving Test Paisley to an Earlier Date

Do you want to book Driving Test Paisley? Have you recently failed your driving test? Are you prepared for your driving test? If so, why wait months and months for a driving test appointment. We can book driving test Paisley within a week or two.

We search the Paisley Driving Test centre for cancellation ever 30 seconds. We can change your driving test appointment to an earlier date or no charge is simply made.

Book Driving Test Paisley – Local Information

Paisley Practical Driving Test Centre Address
St James Business Centre
Linwood Road

Test Centre Details:  Ramp access to test centre for wheelchair access. Swing door access to front and ramp access to rear of building. Male and female toilets for test candidates. Car parking spaces are available, though limited spaces.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car

Paisley driving test center is located at the edge of Paisley. There will be may diverse roads and traffic systems. Country lanes and high speed A roads such as the A737 dual carriageway are also used. Quiet residential streets are often used to test your skills at meeting oncoming vehicles. Be prepared to give way.

Fast Track Driving Test Paisley Renfrewshire

Book Driving Test Paisley – What to take to your test

You must take:

  • your UK driving licence
  • your theory test pass certificate
  • a car – most people use their driving instructor’s, but you can use your own car if it meets the rules
Book Driving Test at Paisley

Make sure that your driving licence is valid before booking driving test at Paisley

Your test will be cancelled and you won’t get your money back if you don’t take the right things with you.

Book Driving Test Paisley – Your driving licence

You need to apply for a replacement driving licence if you lose yours before your test. This could take up to 15 days to arrive.

Rearrange your test if you don’t get the new licence in enough time.

Book Driving Test Paisley – If you don’t have a photocard licence

Bring a valid passport and your paper licence.

Book Driving Test Paisley – If you have a licence from Northern Ireland

Bring the Northern Ireland photocard and paper counterpart.

Book Driving Test Paisley  – If you’ve lost your theory test certificate

Contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with your name and driving licence number.

You’ll be sent a letter that you can take to your test instead of your pass certificate.

DVSA theory test enquiries
[email protected]
Telephone: 0300 200 1122 (press 01)
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm
Find out about call charges

Book Driving Test Paisley – Taking someone with you

Your examiner will ask if you want someone to:

  • sit in the back of the car during the test
  • be with you for the result and feedback

This will usually be your driving instructor, but you can take a relative or friend. They can’t take any part in the test.

They must:

You can’t take a foreign language interpreter with you. You have to take the test in English or Welsh.

Paisley Renfrewshire Driving Test Routes

Book Driving Test Paisley – TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. The driving test routes for Paisley may have slightly changed. However it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Short notice driving test Paisley .


Name of Driving Test Centre. Paisley Driving Test Centre.
Route Number. 1.
Name/ Number of Road. Direction.
DTC. Right.
Duke St. EOR left.
Rowan St. EOR left.
Neilston Rd. 7 th right.
Glenburn Rd. Roundabout right.
Braehead Rd. Left.
Harelaw Crescent. EOR right, left.
Braehead Rd. EOR left, EOR right.
Donaldswood Rd. EOR left.
Park Rd. 3 rd left.
Stanley Drive. EOR right.
Calside. Left.
Craw Rd. 2 nd left.
Riccartsbar Ave. EOR left.
Craw Rd. EOR right.
Corsebar Rd. T/L ahead.
Green Rd. Roundabout right.
Old Mill Rd. Roundabout right.
Station Rd. Roundabout right.
Ferguslie / George St. 2 nd left.
Maxwellton St. Right.
Broomlands St / Wellmeadow / High St. 2 nd right.
Storie St. EOR right.
Causeyside St / Neilston Rd. 5 th left.
Rowan St. Right.
Duke St.
Driving Test Cancellations Paisley Renfrewshire
Driving Test Route Number 2.  Paisley Driving Test Centre.
Name/ Number of Road. Direction.
DTC. Right.
Duke St. EOR left, right.
Espedair St. Left.
Stock St. Left.
Neilston Rd. 2 nd right.
Alice St. EOR left.
Calside / Stanely Rd. Right.
Corsebar Drive. EOR right, left.
Cross Rd. EOR left.
Lounsdale Rd. Right.
Morar Drive. Left.
Cardell Rd. EOR right.
Green Rd. EOR left.
Station Rd. Roundabout ahead, roundabout left.
Ferguslie. Roundabout right.
Linwood Rd. 3 x roundabout ahead, roundabout 4 th exit.
By-pass. Exit left, roundabout 4 th exit.
Greenock Rd. 2 nd right.
Clark St. EOR left.
Greenhill Rd. 3 rd right.
McKenzie St Left.
Well St. Roundabout right.
Maxwellton St. 2 nd left.
Canal St. 3 rd right.
Causeyside St / Neilston Rd. Ahead, 5 th left.
Rowan St. Right.
Duke St.
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