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Short Notice Driving Test Leeds West Yorkshire

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If so, don’t delay. Call us today and Book Driving Test Leeds. If your driving test is already booked, We can book it to an earlier date. We specialize in booking driving tests for learner driver who need them. Even if you theory certificate is about to expire we can Book Driving Test Leeds. We can guarantee you an earlier driving or no charge is made.

There are two driving test centres in Leeds. There is Leeds Harehills Lane and Leeds Horsforth.

  • Leeds Horsforth Practical Driving Test Centre Address
    Room 013 Woodside House
    261 Low Lane
    West Yorkshire
    LS18 5NY
  • Test Centre Details:  Horsforth Driving Test Centre in Leeds is situated on Low Lane about 2 minutes from Horsforth Rail Station. Wheelchair access available. Test candidate car parking facilities available. Low Lane is a very busy road and sometimes parking is at a premium and test candidates sometimes have to park on one of the side streets. There is no problem with this and all examiners are aware of the parking problems and understand that they usually have a little walk to the car.
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi, Motorcycle module 2, Approved driving instructor – part two, Approved driving instructor – part three
  • Leeds Hare Hills Practical Driving Test Centre Address
    Hill crest House
    386 Harehills Lane
    West Yorkshire
    LS9 6NF
  • Test Centre Details:  Harehills Driving Test Centre in Leeds  is in the large building on the corner of Harehills Lane/Lupton Avenue. There is no car park so parking is either on the opposite side of Harehills Lane down Kimberley Road (down side of Netto) or facing you as you step outside the test centre on Clifton Grove. Disabled access to test centre available.
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi, Approved driving instructor – part two, Approved driving instructor – part three

Fast Track Driving Test Leeds West Yorkshire

Book Driving Test Leeds – If your test is cancelled or there’s bad weather

Your driving test can be cancelled or stopped because of bad weather, problems with your car, or for other reasons.

Bad weather

Driving Test in Leeds West Yorkshire

In case of bad weather, call the driving test centre. Your Driving Test at Leeds maybe cancelled.

Driving tests aren’t carried out in dangerous weather conditions, such as when the roads are icy or if there’s flooding, thick fog or high winds.

Call your test centre if there are any of these conditions on the day of your test.

The phone number for the test centre is on your booking confirmation email.

Book Driving Test Leeds – If your test can’t go ahead

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will:

  • automatically book the next available date for your test
  • send you the details within 3 working days – it can take up to 7 days if there’s a long period of bad weather

You can change the date you’re given if it’s not suitable.

You can’t claim for any out-of-pocket expenses if your test is cancelled because of bad weather.

Book Driving Test Leeds – Problems with you or your car

Cancelled Driving Test at Leeds West Yorkshire

Make sure your car is legal and road worth before attending the Driving Test at Leeds

You’ll have to book another test and pay again if your test can’t be completed because of a problem with:

  • you, for example, if you feel unwell while taking your test
  • your car, for example, if it breaks down during the test or doesn’t meet the rules to be used

Book Driving Test Leeds – If your test is cancelled for another reason

Sometimes DVSA has to cancel tests for other reasons, for example, if the examiner is unwell.

You’ll be sent a new date for your test if this happens. You can change the date if it’s not suitable.

You can apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses if DVSA cancels your test at short notice.

Leeds West Yorkshire Driving Test Routes

Book Driving Test Leeds – Driving Test Routes

Recently the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. The driving test routes for  Leeds may have altered in the mean-time, although it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Leeds During the driving test you may be taken on busy and fast “A”road and dual carriageways as well as winding country lanes.  Included in the driving test a quite residential roads which may seem to appear easy but can be tricky due to parked cars and meeting vehicles.

Type of Test Route. Car and Taxi.
Route Number. 1.
Name/ Number of Road. Direction.
DTC. EOR left
York Rd. T/L right.
Selby Rd. T/L 5 th left.
Wilfred Ave. EOR right.
Green Lane. Left.
Park St. EOR right.
Primrose Lane / Valley Drive. EOR left.
Primrose Lane. EOR left.
Green Lane. Right.
Graveleythorpe Rd. EOR right
Green Lane. EOR left.
Station Rd. Roundabout left.
Crossgates Rd. Right.
Hawkhill Drive. Crossroads ahead, EOR right.
Brian Crescent. Crossroads ahead, EOR left.
Barwick Rd. Roundabout ahead, 2 nd left.
Eastwood Lane / Swarcliffe Drive. 3 rd left.
Swarcliffe Approach. EOR left.
Seacroft Ring Rd. Roundabout ahead.
Ring Rd Roundabout right.
Crossgates Rd.. Roundabout right.
Foundry Lane. Roundabout ahead, roundabout left.
Wykebeck Valley Rd. Roundabout right.
Oakwood Lane. Left
Coldcotes Drive. 3 rd right.
Foundry Approach. Left.
Coldcotes Ave. EOR lef.
Harehills Lane. Left.



Driving Test Cancellations Leeds West Yorkshire
Route Number. 2.
Name/ Number of Road. Directio.
DTC. T/L left.
York Rd. 2 nd left.
Gipton Approach. EOR left.
Wykebeck Valley Rd. Roundabout left.
Oakwood Lane. Left.
Coldcotes Drive. 2 nd right.
Coldcotes Circus. Right.
Beech Lane. Right
Oak Tree Crescent. 2 nd right.
North Farm Rd. 3 rd right.
Foundry Ave. Right.
Thorn Terrace. EOR left.
Thorn Mount. EOR right.
Amberton Rd. 3 rd left.
Amberton Approach / Amberton St. EOR left.
Amberton Approach. EOR left.
Oakwood Lane. Roundabout T/L left.
Roundhay Rd. Left.
Roseville Rd. T/L left
Bayswater Rd. EOR right.
Harehills Rd. Left.
Stanley Rd. EOR left.
Compton Rd. T/L right
Harehills Rd. 2 nd left.
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