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If so, don’t delay.  Call us today and Book Driving Test Horsforth. If your driving test is already booked, We can book it to an earlier date. Horsforth Driving Test Centre is situated around the outskirts of Leeds. Busy ‘A’ roads and country lanes are part of the driving test in Horsforth.  Narrow residential roads represent a hazard due to parked cars and meeting oncoming vehicles and width constraints. A good understanding of varies junction including roundabouts, cross roads and one way systems is essential

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Book Driving Test Horsforth – If your test is cancelled or there’s bad weather

Your driving test can be cancelled or stopped because of bad weather, problems with your car, or for other reasons.

Bad weather

Driving Test in Horsforth Leeds

In case of bad weather, call the driving test centre. Your Driving Test at Horsforth Leeds maybe cancelled.

Driving tests aren’t carried out in dangerous weather conditions, such as when the roads are icy or if there’s flooding, thick fog or high winds.

Call your test centre if there are any of these conditions on the day of your test.

The phone number for the test centre is on your booking confirmation email.

Book Driving Test Horsforth – If your test can’t go ahead

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will:

  • automatically book the next available date for your test
  • send you the details within 3 working days – it can take up to 7 days if there’s a long period of bad weather

You can change the date you’re given if it’s not suitable.

You can’t claim for any out-of-pocket expenses if your test is cancelled because of bad weather.

Book Driving Test Horsforth – Problems with you or your car

Cancelled Driving Test at Horsforth Leeds

Make sure your car is legal and road worth before attending the Driving Test at Horsforth

You’ll have to book another test and pay again if your test can’t be completed because of a problem with:

  • you, for example, if you feel unwell while taking your test
  • your car, for example, if it breaks down during the test or doesn’t meet the rules to be used

Book Driving Test Horsforth – If your test is cancelled for another reason

Sometimes DVSA has to cancel tests for other reasons, for example, if the examiner is unwell.

You’ll be sent a new date for your test if this happens. You can change the date if it’s not suitable.

You can apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses if DVSA cancels your test at short notice.

Horsforth Leeds Driving Test Routes

Book Driving Test Horsforth – Driving Test Route

Recently the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. The driving test routes for   Horsforth may have altered in the mean-time, although it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Horsforth. Driving test routes are designed by local DSA driving examiners and are especially designed to incorporate the most difficult roads in the area.


Type of Test. Car, Motorcycle and Taxi Routes.
Route Number. 1.
Name/ Number of Road. Direction.
DTC. Ahead.
Troy Rd. EOR left.
Station Rd. Roundabout 2 nd exit.
St Margarets Rd. Left.
St Margarets Ave. Ahead.
Stanhope Ave. EOR left.
Long Row. Roundabout ahead.
Brownberrie Ave. EOR left.
Brownberrie Drive. EOR right.
Brownberrie Lane. Left.
West End Lane. Ahead.
West End Rise. Left.
West End Rise. EOR right.
Hall Lane. EOR left.
Rawdon Rd. Roundabout ahead.
New Rd Side. Ahead.
Abbey Rd. Left.
Abbeydale Way. Right.
Woodhall Drive. EOR left.
Vesper Rd. Right.
Cragside Walk. EOR left.
Lea Farm Rd. EOR left.
Butcher Hill. Roundabout right.
Low Lane. Roundabout ahead.
Driving Test Cancellations Horsforth Leeds
Route Number. 2.
Name/ Number of Road. Direction.
DTC. Roundabout ahead.
Low Lane. Left.
Butcher Hill. Left.
Old Farm Approach. Left.
Latchmere Drive. Ahead.
Latchmere Cross. Ahead.
Latchmere Drive. Right.
Fillingfir Drive. EOR left.
Ring Rd. Roundabout ahead.
Broadway. Roundabout left.
Newroad Side. Right.
Victoria Drive. EOR left.
Victoria Crescent. Left.
Victoria Gardens. EOR left.
Newlaithes Rd. Left.
Newlay Lane. Right.
Newroad Side. Ahead.
Abbey Rd. Left.
Abbey Walk. EOR Left.
Spen Lane. Right.
Ghyll Rd. EOR Left
Queenswood Drive. Roundabout right.
Spen Lane. Left.
Old Oak Drive. EOR Right.
Butcher Hill. Roundabout Left.
Spen Lane. Right.
Spen Rd. Left.
Spen Gardens. EOR Left
Ring Rd. Roundabout Right.
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