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Driving Tests Leicester

Driving Tests Leicester

Driving Test UK Ltd have been providing an easy driving test booking service for customers throughout Leicester and the whole of the UK.  Affordable last minute driving tests Leicester and cancellation driving tests to take advantage of.  Why would you want to wait ages to take your driving test?

 As you may well already know, waiting times for driving tests can sometimes be very long. Why wait a long time to take your driving test in London. Cancelled tests appear every day, hence its only a matter of searching.  If you don’t take advantage of the cancellation driving tests in Leicester then someone else will. We take away the hardship of having to sit in front of computer screen for hours on end trying to find cancelled tests or short notice driving tests Leicester. We screen the DVSA website all day every day to find last minute availability and cancelled driving tests for driving tests in Leicester and all other towns throughout the UK.

Why Choose Us to Book Driving Tests Leicester

Book Driving Test Leicester

Short Notice Driving Test Cancellations Leicester and Last Minute Driving Test Leicesterbooked within days

Cancellations Checked Every 30 Seconds

We check for Short Notice Driving Test Cancellations London every 30 seconds,  seven days per week. Hence we have a high success rate.  Firstly as soon as an Earlier Driving Test Date appears in Leicester, we will grab it. If it matches your requirements we will book it for you. When an Last Minute Driving Test is released by the DVSA, it’s only there for a few seconds before taken by someone. Furthermore as we check of Last Minute Cancellations every 30 seconds we have a greater success rate. We successfully manage to change driving test dates for over 95% of our clients. In addition Earlier Driving Test Dates Leicester or no charge!!

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Short Notice Driving Test Cancellations Leicester

We check every 30 seconds for Driving Tests Leicester. Call now for a Last Minute Driving Test Cancellation Leicester

You Can Change Your Mind

As well as instructing us you can also search your self for a Last Minute Driving Test Leicester. If you manage to find your own Earlier Driving Test date, or you feel that you need a few more driving lessons prior to your test simply change your mind. Furthermore If you have prepaid for the ” Last Minute Driving Test Cancellation Leicester” you will be given a full refund without questions asked. All you ask if that you call and cancel the service so that we do not change your driving test. We will change driving test Leicester to match your requirements to no charge is made!!

To Change Driving Test Date Leicester Please call



Earlier Driving Test Dates Leicester| Wigston | Cannock Street

Earlier Driving Test Dates Leicester. Last Minute Driving Tests Leicester, Wigston, Cannock Street, Guaranteed.

Buy Now – Pay Later

You are welcome to pay upfront for your Last Minute Driving Test Leicester, however it is not compulsory. Many of our client pay after we have changed their driving test date to Last Minute Driving Test. Most of all we do not even ask for credit card details of bank details at the start of the service. Once you are happy with your earlier driving test date you can choose to pay our fee of just £30 by Paypal. bank transfer or by credit or debit card. Last Minute Driving Test Leicester Guaranteed or no charge!!

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Change Driving Test Date Leicester

We can Change Driving Test Date Newcastle to a Last Minute Driving Test Leicester, Wigston, Cannock Street



 Theory Certificate Expiring – No Problem

Is your Theory Certificate about to expire? As a result are you struggling to see any driving test dates Leicester on GOV.UK? We at Driving Test UK can find you last minute driving tests at any Leicester driving test centre.This includes Wigston, Hinckley, Loughborough and Melton Mowbray. Even if your theory is not expiring but you need a test within a few days due to travel or other reasons, We can still help. We can and will book you that last minute driving test Leicester that you need or no charge is made!!

If you need a a Last Minute Driving Test Leicester – Don’t Delay Call Today



Last Minute Driving Tests Leicester

Last Minute Driving Tests Leicester booked within days. We can also Change Driving Test Date Leicester

 Driving Tests Leicester

Its been over 80 years since driving tests became compulsory for all new drivers in Britain. There are lots of things that drivers do the

Driving Tests Leicester | Wigston | Hinckley

Sounding your horn in anger is illegal – Driving Tests Leicester

are illegal – although they might not know it!  We all have to work hard pass this rigorous driving test so lets not loose the licence once we get it. Below is list of eight offences you may not be aware of.

Tooting your horn in anger – We all know or should known that you sound the horn to warn other drivers of your presence – especially when driving over bridges or around corners where visibility from the other direction is limited. However if you sound you horn in a moment of anger or frustration with another road user, you’re breaking the law. You must not use your horn from 11.30pm to 7am.



Take prescription drugs before driving – In March 2015 new road-side drug screening devices were introduced. Over-the-counter drugs including codeine, for example, could see you banned from driving. While many other drugs could potentially cause problems because they induce drowsiness.

Smoking – Since October 2015 it has been illegal to smoke in your car if any passenger is under the age of 18. As a driver you are also responsible for ant passengers that smoke if there are children in the car.

Have a dirty number plate – Number plates must be visible from a distance of 20 meters at all times. If you’ve been driving down country lanes and splashing mud everywhere and your number plates are too dirty to read, than you’re breaking the law.

Getting out of the car on a Yellow line – Single yellows are fine for dropping people off or picking people up, but the driver should not get out of the vehicle.

Driving Tests Coventry

Its against the law to splash pedestrians – Driving Tests Leicester, Hinckley, Rugby

Splashing Pedestrians with Puddles – We’ve all stood at a bus stop on a rainy day will have felt the wrath of lorry drivers when an icy cold wave of water comes in your direction. The driver can get a fixed penalty notice notice if you manage to get their number plate.

Taking pets out of the car if its broken down – Break down on a motorway and you’re told you should exit the vehicle and get to a safe place. However you’re not allow to remove your pets.

Eating behind the wheel – Eating a snack behind the wheel could cause you to be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention – and could get you into serious trouble. Think before you grab an apple on the way out of the door.

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